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Welcome, and thanks for visiting our website!

SATRO®, a 501(c) (6) not-for-profit organization (56-2133609), was formed in 1999 to provide radiation therapy staff from southern states with an opportunity to pursue convenient, cost-effective and regionally based education and networking opportunities not otherwise available to them. SATRO® provides you with a forum for the exchange of information and ideas specific to the business of radiation oncology.

Meeting attendees are encouraged to enroll in the SATRO® chat, a closed, moderated discussion group hosted in Google Groups numbering ~250 participants, primarily focused on radiation oncology coding and billing issues. Once you are engaged in SATRO® activities, you will have numerous opportunities to expand your professional knowledge and to develop valuable peer contacts.

The program theme for our 2023 conference, "Positioning for Success”, recognizes that our specialty is facing numerous challenges, which you as leaders must seek to address, overcome, or mitigate through your proactive management, to position your departments and practices for success. Our course offerings provide practical sessions specific to some of the various challenges which you face, along with a review of ongoing developments which are likely to affect your day-to-day practice activities.

This will be our 24th year of providing focused continuing education opportunities for radiation therapy professionals (actually the 25th year including 2020, when our annual conference was canceled days before it was to be held, due to COVID).  While COVID cases have dropped below 50,000 per day, the Board has elected to offer the 2023 meeting for a third time virtually

Our conference is geared towards the educational needs of the team which makes our specialty successful, including billing, administrative, technical and medical professionals. We particularly encourage those with billing responsibilities to attend, since coding and billing issues are discussed in some depth.

The 2023 SATRO® conference will offer you an opportunity to learn from other professionals in the field of radiation therapy from throughout the South (and beyond), providing invaluable professional and personal development. To date, over 2,400 individuals have come from 45 states, the District of Columbia, Canada and Puerto Rico, helping to make our conferences successful.

Please make plans to join us!


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