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What other services does SATRO offer?
SATRO offers a chat group for end user focused on radiation oncology billing and coding issues; to join, please see the instructions at the Contact tab of this website.

From what groups does SATRO usually seek continuing education credit approval?
The majority of our 2023 attendees voted to have a virtual conference in 2024, so we are honoring their request.

What is the estimated attendance at the annual SATRO meeting?
The anticipated turnout, including presenters and vendors, is 130. 

How many exhibitors usually participate at the annual SATRO meeting?
Depending upon available space, vendor tables usually number 15-20.

From what states have SATRO attendees come to date?
During our first 24 years, over 2,500 persons have attended our annual conferences, coming from 45 states, the District of Columbia, Canada and Puerto Rico.

What locations are planned for future SATRO meetings?
Florida and Georgia locations were selected for the first 22 SATRO conferences. Various sites are now under review for SATRO 26-30.

Is on-site registration permitted?
Pre-registration is strongly recommended, in order to provide timely estimates of hotel space, food and beverage requirements.

How can I become involved in SATRO?
Help is always appreciated in such areas as marketing, vendor relations, speaker selection, and general meeting planning. To volunteer, send an e-mail to: mysatro@aol.com.

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